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3 posts from March 2012

Friday, 16 March 2012

Art by Rebelwolf ~ Giving Back project

Art by Rebelwolf ~ Giving Back project on Facebook!A unique collection of Limited Edition Prints by UK Digital Artist, Rebelwolf, are now available to purchase with 25% of all proceeds being donated to The UK Wolf Conservation Trust, The International Wolf Center and Providence Row.

The collection includes a variety of animals, birds, flowers, landscapes and topical scenes, all of which are printed on high quality acid free 225 gsm Somerset Enhanced 100% Cotton Archive Paper with a white border, added for mounting or finishing.

Each print is signed and numbered personally by the artist and delivered securely with a signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

The Art by Rebelwolf Limited Edition Gallery page on Facebook showcases each work and includes a 'zoom detail' image for a closer look! To make a purchase, just follow the 'More details' button at the top right of each listing.

As you know, Rebel With A Cause is supporting the International Wolf Center via Crowdrise and Causes with it's "2012 Project" and we are delighted that this unique collection of Limited Edition Prints is helping to raise funds for them, too!

The future of wolves depends greatly on the work done by organisations such as IWC and UKWCT through educating people about wolves, their relationship to wild lands and the human role in their future. Together we can ensure these beautiful and often misunderstood creatures will continue to survive for our future generations to both appreciate and enjoy.

Friday, 09 March 2012

No Going Back...

Winter Solstice by UK Pastel Artist Tracie Koziura - click to enlargeAs I look in your eyes, I see triumph and madness
Yet I long to tell you the pain that I feel
I long to understand the fear and resentment
find a way for this rift between us to heal

I bear no ill will towards you or your brothers
I ask for no favours just to live life my way
Our world bears the scars of the wars we have waged
It's time to lay down arms and call it a day

I hoped for too much when our paths crossed this morning
I believed it was time to put an end to this war
But my biggest mistake was to have faith in your hearing
Not in my lifetime will I see a hand touch a paw

The darkness draws closer as my spirit grows weaker
looking up to the eyes of my brothers of old
the wisdom of ages gently soothing the trembling
Replaced by the deathly numbness of cold

Unable to run, I lie here at your mercy
and watch as my life blood runs through your hands
Realising my sacrifice will make little difference
Your need to destroy can be felt across the land

Your eyes gleam with fire while mine slowly fade now
On the wind comes the distant call of my pack
Howling with grief and unconsolable sorrow
As they, and I, realise there is no going back...

Poetry: ©2006, Tracie Koziura
Artwork: ©2011, Tracie Koziura

Thursday, 01 March 2012

Win an EXCLUSIVE set of Greetings Cards!

WIN AN EXCLUSIVE SET OF GREETINGS CARDS featuring paintings by UK Pastel Artist Tracie Koziura - click to enlargeThat's right! We have not one...not two...but THREE sets of 4 UNIQUE Greeting Cards featuring paintings by UK Pastel Artist Tracie Koziura!

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