About Rebel With A Cause!

Rebel With A Cause was created in honour of my very special Poggie, Taz - click to enlargeYou know how passionate I am about wolves, don't you? Yeah...course you do! Signing petitions and raising money to stop the unnecessary slaughter of these beautiful creatures is something I have always been involved in.

But, I believe that educational change leads to positive and long lasting results which is why I created this project to support the work of the International Wolf Center in Ely, Minnesota. The IWC works hard to inform and educate through thoughtful presentation of the facts and issues regarding wolves, their important ecological role in our world and to dispel the age old myths that have led to the fatal misunderstanding of the Wolf.

The International Wolf Center advances the survival of wolf populations by teaching about wolves, their relationship to wild lands and the human role in their future. Knowledge is power and teaching knowledge is something that will create a legacy I will feel proud to be a part of.

REBEL WITH A CAUSE! was created in honour of a very special 4-legged who, for almost 15 years, was my best friend and soulmate - my beautiful Poggie, Taz. Taz was involved with many animal fundraisers/causes during his life and I know he wouldn't want that work to stop just because he's not physically here anymore and I know he will be smiling over at Rainbow Bridge at the very thought of being able to help advance the survival of his 4-legged ancestors through the fantastic work done at the International Wolf Center.

During 2012, I want to raise at least $1000.00 for the IWC, in memory of Taz, to help them with their mission. As they say, "It is hard for people to tolerate or to respect what they are raised to fear. The wolf problem is a people problem. We need everyone's help to solve it."

  • Do you want to do something to protect the future of Wolves in our world?
  • Do you want to see them receive the understanding and respect they deserve?
  • Do you want to help make a difference and do something to ensure these beautiful creatures are still with us in years to come for future generations to experience?

Join me and the Rebel With A Cause Team in supporting the International Wolf Center - together we can make a REAL difference for the wolves and OUR future!

That's the easy part! You can join the team, donate some pennies, vote, invite others to jam with us or simply keep track of our progress! Of course, if you find you can spare a few pennies - perhaps in memory of your 4-legged soul mate, past or present - it will certainly put a huge smile on Tazzie-boys face over at Rainbow Bridge...and mine...and all the wolves around the world!

Plus...if you do...I will be so chuffed I may just roll over and let you tickle my belly!

Here's a thought...why not dip your ickle pinkies in the water to see how it feels and use these gorgeous little buttons down here to spread the word. We already know how much of a super-hero you will feel when you press one but we also know it's something you need to experience for yourself. So go on...find out what it's like to wear a cape, a mask and a pair of excruciatingly tight - I mean sexy - underpants outside your trousers...you know you want to!

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