The Little Book of Pastels & Poetry by Tracie KoziuraHAPPY SPRINGTIME!

We reckon this is going to be the best year ever, for everyone, everywhere but ESPECIALLY for you because we've had a premonition that you are going to be one of our March 2014 "LUCKY 3" and all you have to do is be one of the really smmmmmashing peeps who donates $10 to the Rebel With A Cause! Crowdrise project before the end of March 2014 because then you will automatically be entered into our "MARCH 2014 GIVEAWAY!" draw to receive one of THREE personally signed copies of The Little Book of Pastels & Poetry by UK Pastel Artist and Poet, Tracie Koziura! (aaaaaaaaaand breathe!)

This exquisite, perfectly formed and highly sought after collectible is packed with a selection of Tracie's beautiful pastel works in full glorious colour along with her thought provoking and emotive poetry. PLUS, because we don't think that is enough for such an amazing person like you, your copy (we're betting you'll be one of the 'lucky three'!) will also be personally signed by Tracie and will make you the envy of the entire world!

To donate via CROWDRISE, all you have to do is click the big orange 'Donate Now' button over there on the right (or visit our Crowdrise Fundraiser page and, when you get there, click the lovely big orange DONATE button on the right of that page).

After you have donated, send an email to letting us know you wannabeawinner and we'll put your name into the special Wannabeawinner Shiny Top Hat.

The MARCH 2014 GIVEAWAY will run until midnight on March 31st 2014 and you can enter as many times as you wish - after all, the more times you enter, the more chances you have of being one of the 'lucky 3'...and the more donations we receive the more we can give to the International Wolf Center to support all their great work and make sure our beautiful wolves will survive. I bet you're feeling all warm, tingly and excited already, aren't you?

Our smmmmmmashing winner will be announced on April 1st 2014 all over the internet - Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, right here on Crowdrise and probably lots of other places, too, so when you win, you could also become very famous!

We're wishing you all the luck in the Universe - which is actually quite a lot according to our trusty solar powered calculator - so we suggest you stop reading now and click on the BIG ORANGE DONATE button over on the right before our solar powered battery goes flat!

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