Rebel With A Cause! Projects

This bit isn't quite ready yet so we suggest a sofa chillout - click for an example pose! seems the developers haven't got to this piece of land yet. We could try and build a smmmmmashing swimming pool but I overheard them talking at the water cooler a few hours ago and it sounded like they were just waiting for the staple delivery so they could join all their sheets of paper together and then they would be ready to start building. I don't think we will have time to build a full size pool AND get to swim in it. Perhaps it's just as well, really, because none of us have brought our swimming gear with us and it's still a wee bit chilly for skinny dipping.

We suggest you find something to keep yourself amused until they have been, done and gone - perhaps pop along to Rebel With A Cause on Crowdrise and vote for us, join our team, leave a nice flattering comment, invite your friends to come and visit or, if none of those things tickle your fancy right now, you could just donate a few dollars - we don't mind!

Here's a thought...why not use this opportunity to have a little play with these gorgeous little buttons down here and let all your friends know how much you love to hang around here and what a great time you always have. After all, you could have tons more fun if you did this with your friends - and they would see for themselves what an incredibly amazing person you are. We bet they will start wearing the same clothes and hairstyle as you once they find out...after all, hero-worship is one of the bestest side effects of giving back ever. Go on...we know you want to!